banks don't work like they used to

No, this isn't a dose of contrite "better customer service" drivel or fond memories of free toasters for every new customer back in the day. Very simple but important information follows. Don't miss it.

You've got the POWER!

Walking up to a teller inside most banks can lead to friendly, useful guidance. But they're not likely to tell you that you the entire truth......that you don't even need to be there in the bankat all!By now, you've probably at least noticed that EVERYTHING you might need or want to do with your bank account can be done using a computer or smartphone. There's really no reason to walk into a bank branch—even to get a loan!Today ANYONE can do things with a smartphone app that the banks themselves couldn't even do before. In fact, many complex financial transactions that could ONLY be done by banks in the past can now be done by anyone without using a bank at all.

What's this all about?

There's a lot of hype and nonsense out there. If you don't want to spend all time and a lot of money learning what works best, you need real talk on what works best to plot your own course.We've got that. Right here. Right now.

Find out for yourself...

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